Welcome to my site! This site started when I needed a place to display samples of my work.  I imagine that it may become a playground for many things including musings along with professional work.

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I am in Quality Assurance as my trade.  I have tried several positions within IT – if you don’t know, IT is a buffet of possibility and I have an adventurous must know spirit.  This  means that I have moved around the Software Development Life cycle board sampling all the cheeses from each personal view point.

Testing, Development, Release Engineer, Business Analyst, even spent time building the servers (hated, please don’t contact me to fix your computer.  I’m going to reboot, knock three times , rub my stomach and call the Geek Squad!).

I am finished moving around however, I get to see the entire picture in QA, and as a Libra, that is a must folks.  I love seeing the grand scheme overview and taking it all the way to the slightest detail.  Quality Assurance is my home.  I love metrics and ever improving processes.  Metrics show you the picture of what is good and what can be improved.  Work should be what you love, and it doesn’t have to be frustrating.  If you are frustrated, there is a fix.  Guarantee!  (you must say guarantee like a true Cajun now sha, get that feeling in there)

So again, welcome to my site!

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